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Minister unveils permitted development package

Permitted development is yet again back in the news as Nick Boles the current planning minister has announced a new package designed to bring empty and underused buildings in High Streets and rural areas back to life.

The package currently under consultation reflects some of the advice sited in the Portas Review and allows shops and existing agricultural buildings up to one hundred and fifty square metres to be used for residential use.

The proposal also allows shops to be converted into banks and building societies and premises used as offices, hotels, along with buildings used for institutions and leisure to be used for childcare facilities. Also buildings used for agricultural purposes up to five hundred square metres may be used for a state schools or nurseries.

The permitted development would allow for conversion such as new frontages, windows and doors.

Nick Boles explains that thousands of underused buildings are going to waste on the edge of town centres because owners do not want the hassle and uncertainty of submitting a planning application. Removing this obstacle will bring people closer to town centres giving shops and businesses a much needed boost.

The other knock on effect to this is the increased work load within the construction industry, both within the manual and professional sectors, providing a healthy injection to the economic recovery.

16th September 2013